Pride Month Stories: Grab Your Tickets for Tell Us Something! Plus! INBC NA Beer Collaboration

the Tell Us Something logo displays with a rainbow behind itIn the June 2024 edition of the Tell Us Something newsletter, Executive Director Marc Moss remembers the Missoula Pride/ Tell Us Something collaboration from last year. Keep reading to learn about the next Story Jam and the Imagine Nation Brewing Company/Tell Us Something collaborative NA Beer and check out what our storytelling alumni are up to now.

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The next Tell Us Something event is in 10 days and it has me thinking about last year. Traditionally, in the 13 years that Tell Us Something has been around, June is the event that has the least attendance. We struggled to fill The Wilma when we did it there in Junes past, and the first time that we held an event outside, in Bonner Park shortly after the Pandemic, we had a hard time getting 500 people there. Grated, there may have still been some residual concern about gathering in large groups in 2022.

The pitches were great, and we didn’t have enough interested storytellers last year to host an event. We were already selling tickets to the show. I called in some favors and was able to get enough tellers. We workshopped together and 1:1 as always, and I was blown away, as I always am, at the stories that were shared, at the vulnerability in the workshop and at the joy the night of the event. It was breathtaking.

We’ve never had a venue that big. I was hoping to fill it, and you all showed up: 1,200 of you. Thank you! It was a beautiful early summer evening and we’re ready for another event like that.

The story pitches were awesome this time and we had enough.18 interested tellers. More than 8 amazing stories, but we have to draw a line somewhere. Representatives from Missoula Pride joined us on the selection committee to help us make those decisions. We know that you’re going to love these stories. And for you to hear them live, you’ve got to get your ticket.

This event is again OUTSIDE! We are excited to again be partnering with Missoula Pride for Pride Month. The theme this time around is “Going Home”, and tickets are still available. We’re at The Glacier Ice Rink Pavilion, which is outside, and covered in case of rain. We’ll be featuring a diverse selection of voices, showcasing many storytellers in the LBGTQ+ community.

We’ll also again be partnering with Spark Arts to provide pay-what-you-want onsite childcare. You can select that add-on when you purchase your tickets.


Here’s a little teaser of one of the people, Allie, who pitched a story and missed the pitch deadline. She said that I could use her pitch in the newsletter.

That’s a pretty good example of some of the stories that you’ll hear on June 11 at The Glacier Ice Rink Pavilion.

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OUTSpoken, an NA beer in partnership with Imagine Nation Brewing Company

The image is a beer label for the INBC/Tell Us Something NA Beer collaboration. It includes text promoting OUTspoken Non-Alcoholic Pale beer, which contains less than 0.5% alcohol by volume. The artwork is done by Kate Radloff and features a design that includes a colorful floral bouquet and meadowlarks.Imagine Nation Brewing Co. and Tell Us Something are proud to announce the release of “OUTspoken,” a revolutionary non-alcoholic beer in the pale ale style that celebrates the power of storytelling in support of Tell Us Something and celebrating their collaboration with Missoula Pride for the June Tell Us Something event. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for Imagine Nation Brewing Co. as the first brewery in Montana to craft NA beer, offering a unique and inclusive option for beer enthusiasts. This is their second NA offering, the first being Lupujūs ZERO, released in January 2024.

To celebrate the launch of OUTspoken Imagine Nation Brewing Co. will host a special tapping event on June 4th, 2024, featuring live storytelling performances curated by Tell Us Something and in collaboration with Missoula Pride. Attendees will have the opportunity to enjoy the debut of OUTspoken while immersing themselves in the power of narrative and the joy of community.

Proceeds from the sale of OUTSpoken will benefit Tell Us Something. OUTspoken will also be available for purchase at the June 11 Tell Us Something event at Glacier Ice Rink Pavilion.

The label features the artwork of Kate Radloff (she/they), who designed the poster for the June 11th Tell Us Something event. Learn more about K-Rad and see some of her work at Sabertooth Studio.

Join us on June 4th, 2024, at Imagine Nation Brewing Co. for an unforgettable evening of storytelling, solidarity, and celebration. Together, let’s raise our voices, raise our glasses, and raise awareness for the causes that matter most.

We’ll feature a short storytelling workshop followed by a Story Jam. Sign up to share your 5-minute story (no theme) and raise a glass in celebration of Pride month and of storytelling.

Alumni Spotlight

Ever wonder what happens to our inspiring Tell Us Something storytellers after they take the stage? The Alumni Spotlight is where we catch up with our storytellers and see how their storytelling journeys have unfolded! Get ready to be amazed by their creativity, resilience, and that they have in the world.

Ean Miles Kessler has a new play that’s premiering in Missoula in June. The play, titled Fellowship Hall, was commissioned by Leah Joki and No Joke Theater. Fellowship Hall follows the lives of seven characters as they navigate the murky terrain of addiction and recovery. FELLOWSHIP HALL Press Release.docx

You can listen to Ean’s story here: It’s the Little Things – Part 1 – Tell Us Something











Ellie Costello is a local farmer and owner of Black Bear Soups and Produce. More than that, though, she operates Trust Land Farm (formerly Clark Fork Organics) at Corner Farm in Target Range. She is working towards raising money to purchase the farm, which would then place the property in a Community Land Trust. Trust Montana would use the $310,000 along with community donations to buy the property for its appraised price of $720,000. Then, Costello would be given a 75-year ground lease to preserve it as local agriculture.

The farm historically produces about 40,000 pounds of food in the form of organic vegetables per year, according to city open space program manager Zac Covington.

Read more about Land Trust Farm and Ellie’s adventure with it here:  Missoula farm seeks Open Space funds for ag preservation (

You can listen to her story here: Right Place Right Time – Act 2 – Tell Us Something



The image is of a woman standing at a microphone. The photo was taken by Amanda Peterson.

Summer is here and Shelby Humphries is on a mission to be inclusive of all body types out there on the trail. An unlikely hiker in a dress inspired Shelby to lead a chapter of Fat Girls Hiking, a body-positive group that welcomes all on relaxing nature walks. The Missoula chapter explores local trails and fosters friendships among diverse hikers. Shelby says, “”It may be our bodies that bring us to the trailhead but it’s our love of the outdoors that turns strangers into friends along the trail.” Read her article about FGH here: Mother Nature Welcomes Every Body ( Learn more about FGH here: Missoula – Fat Girls Hiking 

You can listen to Shelby’s story here: Shelby Humphreys – “Feeling Comfortable in My Skin” – Tell Us Something



Are you a Tell Us Something storytelling alumni? Got something cool coming up you want us to feature in the newsletter? Drop us an email to let us know.

Remember to join us June 11th at The Glacier Ice Rink Pavilion for an evening of live storytelling! This year’s theme is “Going Home” and features diverse voices from the LGBTQ+ community. Tickets are selling fast, grab yours now!

the image shows a pill shaped green button with the text "GET TICKETS"

Thanks for reading. Have a story worthy day,

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Marc Moss

Executive Director

Tell Us Something

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